Overview  —  Each of these Utility Districts had a need for a website.  Initial and ongoing costs were major considerations.  But the main consideration was the ease and timeliness of updates.  Several board members and vendors of a focus group indicated that their experience with other website companies resulted in delayed updates, unbudgeted costs and overall frustration in getting simple updates completed.

Water District A

Start-up District
No website

We provided a custom website solution for a minimal cost investment for the District.  The client did not have to purchase any additional software or conduct extensive training for use.  We were able to get them up and running in 30 days and they have been managing their website since.

Water District B

Existing District
No website

This client had a website in place, but no one knew how to make changes.  It was built by a board member who left the board several years ago and moved to another state.  We were able to acquire the required credentials to manage both the domain name and the website contents.  We provided a custom website solutions for a minimal cost investment for the District.  This client now manages their website content using our platform.

Water District C

Existing District
Existing website

This client had an existing website and liked their design, but they were having difficulty with the timeliness of the updates being provided by their webmaster. We were able to convert their existing website to our Content Management System and saved them money on an annual basis as well as better the timeliness of the updates.

 Emergency Notification System

Overview  —  From time to time, the District will need to communicate with the residents of the District with emergency or urgent information.  Email notifications are good, but TEXT messaging is more efficient and has a far better ‘read’ rate.  Our partner product, PocketBlitz, will allow the District to generate a TEXT message or messages to either go out immediately or scheduled for a certain time and date.  The manager of this account may login from any computer, tablet or mobile device with the proper login credentials.

Water District D

No existing notification system

This client needed a reliable and affordable means to contact the District residents when urgent or emergency information needed to be conveyed. We provided them with a PocketBlitz account so they could send TEXT messages to the residents who opted to receive for these notifications.

Water District E

 Existing notification system

 This client had previously contracted with a vendor for emergency notifications. The service was complicated and expensive.  We provided them with a PocketBlitz account so they could send TEXT messages to the residents who opted to receive these notifications.  This client found the PocketBlitz tool much easier to navigate and control than their previous vendor. And the cost was substantially less.

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