Staying in touch with your District doesn’t have to be difficult.

Why not choose an affordable, easy-to-use solution?

 Keeping your District informed is important.

There’s nothing more disappointing or frustrating than having outdated information on your website or not being able to contact your webmaster for updates. And sometimes, putting information in the monthly newsletter is not an option.

Solution:  We put YOU in control.

Instant Access

With, YOU keep your website current with instant access by updating it yourself. There’s no waiting for your webmaster to update your site – YOU are your own webmaster!

User Friendly’s intuitive application is easy to use. No need to purchase software or have web design experience.


Keeping your district informed with timely information is priceless. is more cost effective than developing your own site from the ground up.


No time-consuming development meetings, wasted time waiting for your webmaster, or six month timetable. With, your site can be up and running in days – not months!

Support & Training

If you need us, we’re there. In your office, at your board meeting or on the phone.  Technical support is only a click or phone call away.